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rarecharacters's Journal

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Rare Character Fanwork Exchange
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Fanwork exchanges
Welcome to rarecharacters, a multi-fandom exchange community for underrated characters!

Nominations are now closed.

  • Jul 1 - Jul 15: Nomination period
  • Jul 16 - Jul 30: Signups open
  • Aug 1: Assignments go out
  • Oct 1: Assignments are due
  • Oct 8: Works are revealed
  • Oct 15: Authors are revealed

1. Minimum criteria for any fanwork:
  • (Pod)Fic: 1,000 words
  • Art: 500x500px
  • Icons: Set of 10

2. No RPF.

3. Any rating is allowed. Make sure it complies with your recipient's wishes.

4. Pairings are allowed. Gen, het, slash, femslash, moresomes are all game.

5. Non-rare characters may appear in fanworks and can be part of a pairing, however they can only play a minor role.

6. Do not post your work anywhere else or reveal who your recipient is until author reveals are over. After reveals, you are welcome to post your work anywhere.

7. Stories have to be read as standalones.

8. Betas are not required, but strongly encouraged. If you have one (or more), consider thanking them in your author's note after the reveals are over.


Hoping to see you play!


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